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Red Dragon Kit

Shoot at resolutions of up to 6K. Get slow motion up to 300fps. Superb image quality. Comes with Fast F 1.8 Red Pro Prime lenses, 18, 25, 35, 50 and 85mm. Well, if it's good enough for Peter Jackson...

The kit comes supplied with a Cinevate Glidetrack, 5 Bicolour Led Panel lights, Tripods, Sound recording kit, Mini Jib (optional) , Dig. kit, monitor, DOP/Operator and assistant.

Canon 5DMKIII Kit

£ for £ the best camera on the planet. Full Frame Sensor, and unlike the 5DMKII, it can record sound without any issues and give you slow motion. Comes with Sigma 12-20mm Ultra wide, Canon 24-105mm, 70-300mm L series zoom, 50mm prime and enough cards and batteries to shoot all day, dig. laptop, softbox and battery led lights, tripod, slider, glidecam, field monitor, radio, rifle and tie clip mics. I even have a 550D for 2nd camera.

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