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Below are some examples of the many TV ads I have worked on. I'm experienced in planning big shoots, liaising with the director and producer to get the right gear on the list within budget without sacrificing quality; And planning small shoots as well, making a little go a long way. The ambition is always the same, "more bang for your buck..."

Fashionworld Carousel

An ambitious ad, recently done for the sucessful ladies fashion brand. This time the whole stage needed to appear to move like a 'carousel'.  In fact it was the camera that moved and the stage remained static. The size, speed and circumference of the move were right at the limit of what is possible at the moment. Shot on Arri Alexa with Cooke Primes.

Wiliams and Brown


One of my personal favourites. Shot in and around Abersoch, North Wales. Despite the savage weather conditions we got some good results. Shot on Red One with  Arri Ultra Primes.

St Helier Pear Cider

July 2010

This advert went on to spawn a series of bumpers which sponsored  ITV's flagship show 'The Championship', for  which I provided the creative.  Shot Sony XDCam 800 in a Lancashire orchard

V kat made to mix 

Oct 2012

Shot in a day in Sankeys Nightclub, Manchester and in Spinningfields. It uses the idea of the drinks mixing to suggest the students mixing socially and the colour palette was designed to reflect this. Shot on the Sony F3 with Zeiss Compact Primes. 

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